Active 2-20-2

Total Nitrogen (N): 2%
0.25% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
1.75% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5): 20%
Soluble Potash (K2O): 2%

Derived From:
Soy Protein Hydrolysate, Rock Phosphate, and Potassium Sulfate


Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at:

Due to the fact that soil, weather, and crop conditions may vary, Ferticell Inc. makes no guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied concerning the use of this product. The user of this products takes full responsibility and assumes all risks of usage or handling of this product, despite whether applications instructions were followed or not.

Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer

Active™ 2-20-2: The Best Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer for Your Soil

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Active™ 2-20-2 is a dry powder organic phosphorus fertilizer that delivers micronized natural phosphorus with additional potassium and nitrogen that is provided by soy protein. There are four certified organic NPK fertilizers in this line and can be considered for any operation. The highly sustainable Active NPK blends can be used indoors, outdoors, in the soil, or hydroponically no matter the growing medium. Whether you are starting a crop or finishing one, we have a blend for you.

Active™ 2-20-2 offers the grower a unique opportunity to apply dry powder, and certified organic fertilizer while delivering macronutrients in small quantities. Consequently, organic growers can fine-tune their fertilization plan, a flexibility previously enjoyed mostly by conventional farmers with this certified organic fertilizer.

We micronize our natural phosphorus fertilizer powder to under 1 micron, which is the same level we use in our liquid products Pro Phos™ and Calcium 880Plus™. Active™ 2-20-2’s plant-derived N content helps the phosphorus to be readily assimilated by plants, providing a healthy, controllable application of organic phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer.

The effects phosphorus has on early root development and plant vigor make this a key starter package.

Field Oats – 2 lbs. of Active + Explorer™ Lq at 32 fl oz.
Field Peas – 2 lbs. of Active + 32 fl oz.

certified organic fertilizer
Active 2-20-2

Benefits to Active™ 2-20-2

  • Highly refined dry powder certified organic phosphorus fertilizer for improved uptake
  • Natural chelation affects from soy protein
  • Consistent, dry powder formula
  • Compatible with many herbicides and most fertilizers
  • User-friendly, safe for handling
  • Incredible surface area once in suspension
  • 4% of N & K for added nutritional value
Active 2-20-2 44lbs

Product Profile

Application Rates

2-6 lbs./acre.


Keep sealed in original container. Store in frost-free, dry conditions out of direct sunlight, above 5°C and below 30°C

Color & Form

Tan Dry Powder, Yellow Bag


Compatible with most agriculture fertilizers and pesticides, however, seek professional advice prior to tank mixing. 


Application timing is dependent on crop, time of the season, and desired result

Active™ 2-20-2 FAQ

How should I blend Active™ 2-20-2?
Because of the high phosphorus content, agitation is required during mixing and prior to application. For tank agitation, we recommend using an Aeromixer.
What sizes does Active™ 2-20-2 come in?

All dry powder fertilizers from Ferticell come in 8 lbs. and 44 lbs. pack sizes, resulting in 800 lbs. & 1760-1848 lbs. pallet sizes.

How long will the phosphorus take to be available after applying 2-20-2?

Depending on application timing and type, any soil application will be available right away, but in-furrow will be determined on germination.

Are there application limitations to using Active™ 2-20-2?

Avoid applications with metal-based fungicides.