Avoid Nutrient Burn with Less Salts or Heavy Metals in Cannabis Production

Cannabis nutrient burn is a common problem with new cannabis growers and should be understood before beginning the growing cycle, as nutrient burn can affect cannabis growth throughout various stages. So just what is nutrient burn? Nutrient burn is thought of as a type of stress to the plant that is caused by overfeeding or a high concentration of nutrients. The key to avoiding nutrient burn is to provide your plants with a proper balance of nutrients – in other words, more does not always mean better.

Identifying Cannabis Nutrient Burn

How can you determine if your plants are experiencing stress from nutrient burn? Watch for specific physical symptoms that may develop. Early indications prior to burning may include very deep green leaves, red or magenta stalks and branches, leaf tips bent at 90 degrees, and bright, almost fluorescent tips. Later indications may be more widespread where plants have yellow, burnt leaf tips. At this stage, growers still have a chance at reviving cannabis plants that suffer from nutrient burn, but once leaves start to curl and brown, there’s no hope.

Prevent Cannabis Nutrient Burn with Ferticell

Cannabis plants that have experienced nutrient burn can still be revived with a careful, methodical flushing program, but the key to healthy cannabis plants is to prevent nutrient burn in the first place. Implementing a balanced feeding plan and monitoring the parts per million (PPM) will help to prevent nutrient burn.

Cannabis plants need different amounts of nutrients at different stages of the growing cycle, so keeping a feeding chart and feeding plan is crucial to preventing nutrient burn. Ferticell has a wide range of curated products and a specialized cannabis program that may help cannabis growers successfully prevent nutrient burn within their crops. Download our program today and see how Ferticell™ can help keep your plants healthy and free from nutrient burn!