In our second video podcast, Joe Rasnic, Midwestern Sales Representative for Ferticell™ answers some of the questions we’ve been getting about our hemp fertilizers and full Ferticell™ Hemp Program. Joe covers the difference between Auto-Flower and Industrial Hemp for CBD, what we can do about weed pressure, THC levels, and more.



Ferticell™ has developed a complete nutritional program for Commercial Hemp Production. One pallet can hold enough hemp fertilizers for 25 acres, whether able to use our starter program or are looking for nutritional information, our Ferticell™ Hemp program is something to consider.

Here in part 2, Joe covers more of the nutritional side of hemp and where we like to target nutritional values and how our products come into play.



The Ferticell™ brand of fertilizers has been helping hemp growers start off on the right foot, putting in consistent yield numbers. Click here to learn more about our Hemp Fertilizer Program.