liquid soy protein hydrolysateTempe, Arizona, United States, April 24, 2019,/ — Ferticell™ has once again pushed the envelope with another agriculture industry-leading product, Ferticell™ Explorer™ 10-0-0. We have a truly innovative, first-ever CDFA-OIM (California Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Input Materials) certified organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer over 3-5.5%.liquid organic nitrogen

What this means for growers, sprayers and applicators is having the well-known and used Explorer® 16-0-0 in an easy to use, organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer, makes field applications and tank mix not only easier but more efficient. Along with the ease and efficiency of this now liquid soy protein hydrolysate is the immediately available, 100% plant-derived nitrogen component.

Explorer™ Liquid is not a suspension, but a true solution without the powder or wait times to solubilize and less overall packaging waste, reducing the grower’s carbon footprint. Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0 delivers the same, high-quality performance of Explorer™ 16-0-0 but in the long sought after, convenient, and easy to use liquid soluble plant-derived nitrogen.

This hasn’t been an easy journey for Ferticell™. Starting this process initially back in January of 2012 with Explorer™ 13-0-0 as the first organic nitrogen derived as soy protein hydrolysate registered with CDFA-OIM, to now registered as both Explorer™ 16-0-0 dry and Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0 is a great accomplishment. CDFA-OIM’s input registration process for registering this organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer was strictly and thoroughly vetted, taking from November 2017 to April of this year. It was clear that creating something so unique was due for a closer inspection.

Matt Brill, Marketing Director, said “17 months ago we started the registration process because this is what our growers and distributors were asking for. Explorer™ Liquid will be an innovative, industry-changing product.”

Unlike conventional nitrogen inputs, a soy protein hydrolysate is a form of nitrogen that most generally like in the case of Explorer™, does not leech from most soil types. It also carries a high carbon content and is immediately available to the plant without an ATP conversion. The plant mechanisms are reduced, reducing overall plant stress.
The L-amino acid profile is high in Explorer™ Liquid at 60% and 98.6% in Explorer™ 16-0-0. Unlike conventional nitrogen inputs, Explorer soy protein hydrolysate is a form of nitrogen that in most soils, will not leech. It also carries a high carbon content and is immediately available to plants and biomass without a delay and will not create a loss of energy in conversion.

“Agronomically speaking the technology in this product raises the standard for organic and conventional nitrogen. Getting Explorer Liquid to 10% nitrogen is no easy feat. This is going to give agricultural professionals the ability to load, mix, and apply using considerably less time (than with a powder).” says Jeff Ziehmer, CEO.

Ferticell™ is the exclusive distributor of the Ferticell™ product line. Ferticell™ is manufactured in Spain and carries a unique line of sustainable and organic fertilizers for growers in over 30 states across the US.
With products like Pro K™, Pro Phos™, Active™, Pro Cal™, Calcium 880 Plus™, the newest Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0, and Explorer™ 16-0-0 among others, Ferticell USA offers a complete line of fertilizers for both sustainable and organic growers.

Ferticell™ Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0 is currently registered in over 35 states nationwide with more states added regularly. Ask your PCA or sales representative about the Ferticell™ product line.

Ferticell™ Contact:
Matthew Brill, Marketing Director
Telephone: +1.480.361.1300