Types of Soy Protein Hydrolysates

Soy Protein Hydrolysates (SPHs) are derived from non-GMO soybeans after undergoing a hydrolysis process. When used in commercial production, soy-based protein Hydrolysates can provide nitrogen to enhance plant growth, increase fruit production, and better plant quality. At Ferticell, we sell four different types of organic fertilizers along with soy protein hydrolysate and other mineral-derived fertilizers.

Explorer™ 16-0-0

soy protein hydrolysate ExplorerAs a plant-derived organic nitrogen fertilizer, Explorer™ 16-0-0 is the purest form of soy protein hydrolysate on the market. As a reputable manufacturer, Ferticell™ has a highly controlled, single-source manufacturing process to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Our Explorer™ fertilizer is 98.6 percent pure, with the remaining percentage being moisture content. Moreover, Ferticell™ Explorer™ fertilizer has relatively higher carbon (a crucial component of life) content than competitors’ soy products.


Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0

This is a liquid form of nitrogen fertilizer available at request. Whether you’re a grower or distributor, you can get this blend of soy protein hydrolysate and amino acids from Ferticell™ to suit your farming needs. This fertilizer is the liquid form of Explorer™ 16-0-0, making it easier for you to use in any nitrogen program.


Nutri-Plus™ is made of high levels of amino acid freshwater algae cells. The freshwater algae cells are beneficial because they assimilate nutrients for increased quality, precocity, and crop yields, whereas amino acids help facilitate biological activities. Moreover, this combination speeds the fixation of carbon for effective photosynthesis and ensures a balance in endo-cellular activity.


ProCal™ 3-0-0Plus20Ca

soy protein hydrolysate smart procalProCal™ organic fertilizer is designed to provide micronized organic calcium through foliar and soil application. It’s one of the most recommended fertilizers for organic production. Derived from calcium carbonate, ProCal™ is known to facilitate calcium intake and encourage the transportation of nutrients within the plant.


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