Tips for Reducing Fertilizer Costs in 2022

Another new year and a new set of challenges for growers and producers, this time from logistics cost trickling down, along with an increased worker shortage, something agriculture is no stranger to, now has a new problem to face, the rising costs of fertilizers.

For 2021, Ferticell™ had hoped to negate any cost increases, and withheld price changes for most of 2021. With cost for container shipments rising above 300%, price increases for 2022 were inevitable. Along with the rise in inflation, plastic pricing has been increased as well, creating a steep price increase in small container pack sizes, more than what can be negotiated with suppliers.

To reduce this burden, and increase in pricing, Ferticell™ has begun to offer custom blending at their Tempe, Arizona facility. By blending custom orders in tank sizes for growers and retailers, we can reduce the increase in plastic and labor costs to a lower, bulk price. For 2022, the Ferticell™ brand will offer custom blending on Universal™, Nutri-Plus™, Microelements™, Pro K™, and Explorer™ Liquid, all soluble liquid fertilizers, approved for organic use.

With the increased use of scientific crop management and soil analysis, fertilizer blending is one of the best solutions for farmers who want to achieve the best cost reduction per gallon for the seasons. Ordering our products through your ag retailer as a custom-blended fertilizer will help you save on cost significantly.

All Ferticell™ products are available exclusively through distribution. You can find a list of approved ag retailers who can provide Ferticell™ pricing in your area by visiting our Distributor Map. Qualified Ag retailers looking to distribute can email for more information.

Quality Blends

We set ourselves apart by sourcing our fertilizers from non-GMO, certified for organic use, plant and mineral sources. This is what sets the Ferticell™ brand apart from other organic inputs. Having multiple NPK products, mineralized or hydrolyzed to produce a cleaner, more plant available product supports plant energy, and increasing yield. The plant and mineral derived products are stirred, filtered and strained, batched, and weighed before any shipment.

Each tank comes with a tamper proof seal on both the lid, and valve, ensuring the grower receives uncontaminated, or adulterated material.

Our Shipping Services

At Ferticell, you have an opportunity to order your unique blending and have it delivered to your doorstep. Custom blending for our liquid fertilizers is available in 80- 170- and 275- gallon IBC tank sizes. To reward bulk purchases, any shipment of two skids or more earns free shipping, anywhere in the continental U.S.

The lead time for shipment depends on your requirements, but can range from 48-72 hours, inclusive of the transport time. However, this can take longer depending on the complexity and size of order.

For 2022, shipping costs have led to an increase in our pricing almost across the board, particularly for Pro Phos™ and Calcium 880Plus™. Instead, you can choose Active™ 2-20-2 to replace Pro Phos or ProCal™ (which dropped in pricing) for Calcium 880Plus™. Ferticell™ pallet shipments deliver on green block pallets, wrapped in Ferticell™ green, promising a sealed pallet shipment.

Order Our Quality Fertilizer Blends Today

If you are looking for a custom fertilizer blend, to save on costs for your 2022 growing season, we can help you at Ferticell. Contact us online or call us at 480-361-1300 to learn more about how we can help save in 2022.