Nutri-Plus™ is a soy protein-based, organically certified liquid amino acid fertilizer. It has 19 out of the 20 amino acids that are essential to plant health and new growth promotion. When referring to amino acids, Ferticell™ mainly refers to the plant-based “L-Amino Acids” which are undamaged and complete. L-Amino Acids differ from D-Amino Acids, something we covered in our post, The Differences of Animal-Derived and Plant-Derived Protein Hydrolysates.

Benefits of Supplemental Amino Acids in Agriculture: Amino Acids in the Rhizosphere

Plant roots deposit a wide range of high molecular weight compounds (polysaccharides and proteins) and low molecular weight compounds (e.g. amino acids, organic acids) at the root-soil interface.! Among the classes of compounds exuded by plant roots, amino acids are generally considered to be the second most abundant class in terms of the total amount exuded with only sugars (carbohydrates) being the most abundant.2 

Amino acids are now being appreciated as a key intermediary in the soil nitrogen cycle. Amino acids in the soil can be in the so-called “free” form, meaning not covalently bound to any other chemical entity. Also, it is commonly held that plants and microbes compete for free amino acids in the rhizosphere.3

Environmental stress such as frost, rain, pests, and high temperatures can have a large impact on crop production. Applications of amino acids (Nutri-Plus™) prior to, during and directly following a myriad of stress conditions will supply the plant and microbes with a high amount of plant extracted L-amino acids.

Directly following a stress event, it is recommended to apply 1-2 quarts per acre of Ferticell™ Nutri-Plus™ 2.5-0-0. 

Amino acid efficiencies were decreased under nitrogen-limiting conditions, potassium deficiency and other chemical stressors such as heavy metals, physical stressors such as compaction, light, and temperature.4

Some amino acids found in Nutri-Plus™; Arginine, an L-Amino Acid helps with salinity stress survival, Glycine an L-Amino Acid directly supports new growth (Lignin). Proline also an L-Amino Acid will increase photosynthetic capability. All of which are amino acids in Nutri-Plus™ which perform a multitude of plant and soil natural activities that benefit all stages of growth.



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