Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Program


Get to Know the Ferticell® Cannabis Program

Whether you have 1 plant, or 1000, cannabis requires a delicate balance of nutrients at appropriate timing to ensure a healthy production cycle from veg to flower to harvest. By eliminating negative salt inputs with our plant-derived potassium fertilizer, plant-derived liquid nitrogen fertilizer and organic calcium fertilizers, the Ferticell program reduces both stress and conserves plant energy (ATP).

By being immediately available to the plant in a form already beneficial for protein formation, this combination reduces your NUE (Nutrient Use Efficiency) while priming both the plant and its rhizosphere with optimal nutrients at correct feedings.

Do not hesitate to Contact a Ferticell Representative regarding our programs and how they can be custom tailored to meet your individual program needs.

Commercial Plant-Derived Fertilizers from Ferticell

Ferticell® USA distributes 13 products, certified for organic use in the United States. In this video, Scott Tullis, Jeff Ziehmer & Steve Trotter discuss the benefits and derivations of 6 commercial fertilizers sold by Ferticell®.