Ferticell®’s Commercial Organic Farming Fertilizers

Discover the wide range of organic farming fertilizers offered by Ferticell. We provide farmers with the organic nutrients their crops need to thrive. Our collection of commercial organic fertilizers help add the necessary nutrients needed for a successful yield. Whether your soil needs nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, or any other nutrient, you can find it in our commercial organic fertilizers below.

In today’s age of commercial farming, it is as important as ever to produce a quality yield consistently. Ferticell’s lineup of organic products helps create a nutrientrich environment where soil microbes can flourish, and healthy soil can thrive. Healthy soil helps prevent disease and helps maximize water usage, promoting a healthy crop year after year.

Every product in our collection is created with clean, natural nongmo materials, ensuring your crop receives the nutrients they need without unnecessary chemical additives that can degrade soil health and eliminate microbial activity. Unwanted chemical additives can also alter the pH of your soil, creating an environment unfit for a successful harvest.

Ferticell’s commercial organic fertilizers:
Absolute™ Acid 100

Active™ Organic 2202

Active™ Organic 51010

Active™ Organic 10310

Active™ Organic 1322

Explorer™ Liquid 1000

Explorer™ 1600

Calcium 880Plus™

Microelements™ 100

NutriPlus™ 2.500

ProCal™ 300Plus20CA

Pro K™ 0020

Pro Phos™ 0200

Pro Primer™ 200

SmartCal™ 300Plus20CA

Unique N™ 2400

Universal™ 001

Our full line of sustainable and organic fertilizers is ready for use in your commercial agriculture production. We now have over 16 fertilizers in over 43 states nationwide and are helping produce healthy crops across the country. Ferticell’s commercial organic fertilizers provide your soil with the basic nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, helping maximize your output. Contact your Ferticell sales representative today!

Incorporating a protein Nitrogen during high stress periods is the safest way to continue healthy growth, even during stressful times for the crop.

liquid soy protein hydrolysate
With 7 lbs./gal of Explorer™ 16, Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0 is the premium organic liquid nitrogen fertilizer. Explorer™ is 100% water soluble, and certified for organic use.  

Ferticell™ Active™ 10-3-10 is a plant available nitrogen and organic potassium dry fertilizer that delivers N and K in a grower friendly, dry powder fertilizer.

Active 13-2-2
Active™ 13-2-2 was designed to deliver a plant available organic nitrogen with an added benefit of phosphorus and potassium without the burn potential.

Active 2-20-2

Dry powder organic phosphorus fertilizer that delivers micronized organic phosphorus with additional potassium and nitrogen that is provided by soy protein.

Active 5-10-10
A perfect balance of organic NPK that delivers a blend of all three macronutrients in a grower friendly, dry powder fertilizer throughout the season.

Ferticell™ Pro K™ 0-0-20 is a fully soluble, plant-derived, liquid potassium fertilizer certified for organic use, designed to supply this key nutrient in a highly usable form.

Ferticell™ Pro Phos 0-20-0 is mineral sourced, liquid phosphorus fertilizer certified for organic use, designed to supply this key nutrient in an easily mineralizable form.

Ferticell™ ProCal™ 3-0-0Plus20Ca is a fully soluble, dry fertilizer certified for organic use, specifically designed to supply this important nutrient as a foliar.

Ferticell™ Universal™ is a highly-concentrated solution of freshwater algae extract. Ferticell™ uses only food grade unicellular algae and bacteria.

Ferticell™ Nutri-Plus™ is a product certified for organic use, containing active unicellular freshwater algae cells with high levels of 19 out the 20 essential amino acids.

Ferticell™ Microelements™ is a blend of micronutrients, freshwater algae extract, nitrogen and plant extracted amino acids (derived from soy bean).

25% liquid calcium paired with algae extract to increase the rate of assimilation into the plant tissues and fruit. Particle size less than 1 micron increases surface for maximum absorption.


Sustainable Products

Ferticell™ Absolute Acid™ is a hydroxycarboxylic acid designed to prepare our soils to accept the marginal water quality that we experience today.

Ferticell™ SmartCal™ 3-0-0Plus20Ca is a fully soluble, dry fertilizer, specifically designed to supply this important nutrient as a foliar in the state of California.

Ferticell™ Unique-N 24-0-0 is designed with a smoother, more logical and evenly timed-release rate versus other conventional nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Commercial Organic Farming Fertilizers

Farming isn’t as simple as planting some seeds and waiting for the earth to work its magic. It’s more than that. It takes structured, researched planning, calculating, and in many, many instances—the right amount of specialized fertilizer. At Ferticell, we manufacture all of our organic farming fertilizers with the intention of promoting healthy plant growth for a wide variety of crops.

Our Fertilizers

Our wide range of fertilizers is carefully formulated and designed to support a variety of specific organic or conventionally farmed crops, from vegetables and fruits to grains, hemp, and nuts. Thanks to high-quality plant and animal proteins, our organic fertilizers are nitrogen rich and provide the natural nutrients needed for healthy soil, strong plants, and increased annual yields.

The Science Behind Plant Fertilization

The Ferticell™ product line features a complete nutrient formula and naturally developed materials to be used during different crop growth stages. Packed with the highest quality raw materials, proteins, natural amino acids, Cytokinin, Auxin, algae/soil cells extract, and a complete natural nutrient formula, our products have been shown to stimulate plant systems, resulting in more root mass, increased leaf area, increased number of flowers, fruit, and early maturation.

Why Choose Ferticell for Commercial Organic Farming Fertilizers?

Armed with a mission to continually advance and provide sustainable agricultural products while protecting and restoring the soil environment, Ferticell™ continues to uphold our value of making good growing better. Our commitment to quality, consistency, and ethics runs deep—so deep in fact that we partner with innovative agricultural professionals to tackle industry challenges. If you’re looking to improve and further the growth of your crops, contact us to see how our products can help!