Ferticell® Stress Program

Frost Protection

  • Large leafy plants and flowering plants will benefit with optional leaf coatings as follows:
    • Copper sulfate fungicide sprays one day prior at 25% to 50% of labeled rates
    • Certified for Organic Use, Amino Acid complexes with high Aspartic and Glutamic content. Rates for Ferticell® Nutri-Plus™ 2.5-0-0 are 48 ounces per acre for two to three days prevention. Product contains soy oil carrier and coats all plant surfaces
  • An amino-based complex component may be added such as Ferticell® Universal™ 0-0-1 at rates of one ounce per gallon of water to the Ferticell® Nutri-Plus™ 2.5-0-0
  • Mixed green growers have combined the two programs and always reduce the fungicide to the 25% rate with an amino-based complex program added

Typical programs have been in use for several years in leafy greens such as spinach and bell peppers that are sensitive to 30 degrees or lower.


Re-Initiation of Growth or Flower and Fruit Set Recovery

  • All color plants and fruit crops such as strawberries will reset blooms and flowering activity with the following:
    • Ferticell® Universal™, an amino-based complex organic spray at one ounce per gallon of water as a bi-weekly program
    • Ferticell® Universal™ combined with Ferticell® Explorer™ 16-0-0 at one to two ounces per gallon or one pound per acre
    • Each Ferticell® spray may be combined with P-K sprays with micros for prevention and post recovery at 50% reduced rates