A Unique, Proprietary Product Line

The Ferticell® product line is a line of liquid plant stimulants/nutrients based on freshwater algae extracts. This proprietary technology combines the unique characteristics of freshwater algae with a combination of bacteria, enzymes, and minerals that interact synergistically to stimulate plant growth, flowering, and fruiting into the efficient fertilizers.ferticell technology logo

Ferticell® is safe and effective to use when applied at labeled rates under a broad range of growing conditions. The proprietary ingredients and processes used to formulate Ferticell® products can only be obtained from Ferticell.®, the exclusive importer of this outstanding technology which has been proven in Europe for over 20 years.

Materials Used in Ferticell® Products

Only the latest technology and highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of Ferticell® products. This means consistent quality, safety, and performance from all Ferticell® products.

Most Ferticell® products contain protein, natural amino acids, Cytokinin, Auxin, algae/soil cells extract, and a complete natural nutrient formula.

The complex formula of Ferticell® products also includes soil/water cell extracts, a complete nutrient formula, and naturally developed materials to be used during different crop growth stages. Studies have shown that plants treated with Ferticell® stimulate the plant systems, resulting in more root mass, increased leaf area, increased number of flowers, fruit and early maturation.

The Terminology

Cytokinin is composed of a number of plant growth substances that are usually derived from adenine. Synthesized in roots, cytokinins move upward in the xylem (woody tissue) and pass into the leaves and fruit, where they are required for normal growth. Auxin and cytokinin control plant development through a multitude of complex interactions. The balance between auxins and cytokinins controls the formation of roots, shoots, callus tissue, the outgrowth of shoot axillary buds, and the formation of lateral roots.
Product without adherent: The product washes out easily when it rains or used in conjunction with other external agents. Ferticell® forces the product to stick to the leaves and ensures its total absorption.
Surfactant/Penetrating Agent
Product without Surfactant: The product is absorbed by the plant only upon suitable conditions. Ferticell® with Surfactant : Ferticell® improves the product penetration under any condition.
Product without stabilizer: The product settles in the mixing tank, forcing failures in application. Ferticell® with stabilizer : Ferticell® remains in suspension in the mixing tank and allows a perfect and homogeneous application.
Product without spreader: The product has little contact with the absorption surface of the leaves during and after the application. Ferticell® with spreader : Ferticell® facilitates dispersion on the leaf surface, increasing the product absorption.
Only the best approved raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. This means consistent quality, safety and performance from the foliar products. Foliar applications are an important tool in modern crop production, having the ability for timely application of nutrients targeted at the crop and avoiding soil interactions. Ferticell® research greenhouses and global field trial programs ensures that the product application rates and timing are correct. Foliar application gives the farmer the best return on investment.
Seeds and Soil Powder Amino-Acids and Micro-Nutrients
The critical period for successful crop establishment is post germination when the seedling has to rely on its seed nutrient reserves. The young plant is unable to draw on soil nutrients until sufficient root growth has developed. Likewise, foliar application of nutrients is inappropriate until sufficient leaf growth has developed to intercept and absorb the nutritional sprays. Ferticell has developed a series of high concentration, liquid and solid micronutrient products, specifically for seed treatment. The Ferticell® -Seed product technology ensures easy handling and application, while delivering maximum benefit from a trace element seed coating.
Fertigation is the name given to the practice of combining fertilizer application with irrigation. Fertigation allows precise and uniform nutrient application into the wetted root zone where the active roots are concentrated. Fertilizer efficiency is increased, which allows for a reduction in the amount of fertilizer required and a reduction in production costs. It also lessening the potential for groundwater pollution caused by fertilizer leaching. The amount and concentration of the applied nutrients can be regulated and monitored to meet the actual nutritional requirements of the crop throughout the growing season. Fertigation also saves energy and labour. And, it increases application flexibility because nutrients can be applied to the soil when crop or soil conditions would not otherwise allow entry into the field with conventional equipment. Ferticell has a range of products for use in fertigation systems. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, each one is carefully formulated to prevent precipitation or systems clogging.