A Unique, Proprietary Product Line

The Ferticell® product line is a line of liquid plant stimulants/nutrients based on freshwater algae extracts. This proprietary technology combines the unique characteristics of freshwater algae with a combination of bacteria, enzymes, and minerals that interact synergistically to stimulate plant growth, flowering, and fruiting into the efficient fertilizers.ferticell technology logo

Ferticell® is safe and effective to use when applied at labeled rates under a broad range of growing conditions. The proprietary ingredients and processes used to formulate Ferticell® products can only be obtained from Ferticell®, the exclusive importer of this outstanding technology which has been proven in Europe for over 20 years.

Materials Used in Ferticell® Products

Only the latest technology and highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of Ferticell® products. This means consistent quality, safety, and performance from all Ferticell® products.

Most Ferticell® products contain protein, natural amino acids, Cytokinin, Auxin, algae/soil cells extract, and a complete natural nutrient formula.

The complex formula of Ferticell® products also includes soil/water cell extracts, a complete nutrient formula, and naturally developed materials to be used during different crop growth stages. Studies have shown that plants treated with Ferticell® stimulate the plant systems, resulting in more root mass, increased leaf area, increased number of flowers, fruit and early maturation.