Organic Apple Fertilizer Program

The best way to optimize nutritional inputs is to practice standard soil and petiole tissue analysis on production trees at a minimum of biweekly, with standard weekly tests being highly encouraged. Yearlong production data, when coupled with observations on site of the trees becomes a valuable tool to programs when results are monitored for nutritional trends.

It is important to have a healthy flow of plant available nutrients available at peak growth cycles. Our programs optimize both nutrient uptake and existing nutrient availability by incorporating plant-derived amino acids with freshwater algae that acts as a natural growth regulator and can help assimilate nutrients into plant and fruit tissue.

Keep trees vibrant and healthy by regular feedings of ideal macronutrients and translocate calcium to where its needed. By regularly monitoring petiole analysis, this program can be adjusted by a qualified agronomist or Ferticell representative to best suit season needs.

Review our study on Honeycrisp Apples and BER results with ProCal™ or download our Ferticell Apple Fertility Program, that is approved for organic use.

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Ferticell® ProCal 3-0-0-20Ca on Honeycrisp Apples in Washington State