Ferticell® Organic Potato Fertilizer Program

The basis behind the Ferticell® products are plant-derived fertilizers that reduce or eliminate the concerns for added salts, leaching, and are immediately available. All of our mineral-derived products are micronized to less than one micron. By taking the time to produce a clean hydrolysis and micronization process, Ferticell® materials are taken up easier, with less energy use and provide proper amounts of amino acids, micronutrients, phytohormones, and of course your macronutrients, all immediately available with a higher NUE(Nutrient Use Efficiency) than traditional fertilizer sources.

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A healthy plant can grow and produce more efficiently and has a better chance of fighting off disease than a plant that has to fight off attacks of various pathogens. The longer we can keep the plant healthy and growing, that is where we can increase the yield by producing more roots and allow the tops to increase bulk and tonnage. By adding 19 out of the 20 essential amino acids from Nutri-Plus, and a balanced micronutrient package, we can keep the petioles where they need to be, with less material on the ground.