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The Growing Power of Ferticell

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Ferticell Products

The Ferticell® product line is a unique fertilizer line of plant nutrients and soil amendments for both conventional and organic agriculture. Ferticell® products are of the highest quality and have been proven in the industry for over 35 years.

Freshwater Algae Extract

The entire Ferticell® product line is based on the science and technology surrounding Universal™ 0-0-1. Developed over 30 years ago, Universal™ is the heart of the product line and an integral part in any nutritional program looking to build root produciton in both conventional and organic environments. The proprietary freshwater algae extract carries unique components ideal for root growth, plant stress and overall fruit production.

| Universal™ 0-0-1 |

Organic Plant Hydrolysates

In many cases, PHs have been demonstrated to play key roles as bio stimulants through the modulation of plant molecular and physiological processes that trigger growth, increase yield and alleviate the impact of abiotic stress on crops. (Calvo et al., 2014; Yakhin et al., 2017)

Explorer™ 16-0-0 | Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0 | Nutri-Plus™ 2.5-0-0

Organic Calcium Fertilizers

Calcium, one of the most misunderstood nutrients in agriculture plays an active role in the uptake of water and nutrients by neutralizing organic acids in the plant, enhances yield quality and acts as a buffering agent against stress caused by soil toxicity or extremes of acidity or alkalinity. The Ferticell® Salt Remediation Program depends on the organic calcium fertilizers in our product line.

Calcium 880Plus™ | ProCal™ 3-0-0 Plus20Ca | SmartCal™ 3-0-0 Plus20Ca **Ca Only

Organic Potassium Fertilizer

Derived from fruit rind ash, our organic liquid potassium fertilizer has shown amazing results, especially in late foliar application. Learn more about what exactly Pro K™ is and why you need to incorporate this Ferticell® Technology in your operation.

Pro K™ 0-0-20

Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer

In addition to increasing soil phosphorus, it adds other nutrients to the soil. Studies show rock phosphate increases the soils exchangeable calcium and magnesium cations; it also increases carbon accumulation which in turn improves soil quality. – Hu et al (1996)

Pro Phos™ 0-20-0 | Active™ 2-20-2

Organic Micronutrient Package

All plants require a micronutrient blend of some type. Ferticell® Microelements™ is a great product that helps to boost the synthesis of enzymes, the process of photosynthesis and the absorption of water.

Microelements™ 1-0-0

Organic NPK

The line of Active™ products made by Ferticell® allows the convenience and ease of NPK use with organic agriculture. We carry an expanding line of fertilizers geared toward our growers’ needs.

Active™ Organic NPK

Water Treatment

Not all water is created equal. Our Ferticell® Water Treatment product wasn’t made to treat every drop of water but prepare our soils for the marginal water quality it is bound to process.

Absolute Acid™ 1-0-0


What is Ferticell?

Ferticell® is more than a line of fertilizers. The name is the brand. Ferticell is our customer service, shipping, agronomy, lab tests and recomendations, Ferticell is more than just products, it’s who we are.


Our Technology

Ferticell® products contain protein, natural amino acids, Cytokinin, Auxin, algae/soil cells extract, and a complete natural nutrient formula.


Real Results

“Everything (Active™ 2-20-2 & Explorer™ 16-0-0) ran great through the planter.” Tyler Mitchell (Mitchell Farms)

Ferticell® sells high production organic fertilizers certified for organic use in agriculture production in over 35 states nationwide. The Ferticell® products are plant and mineral derived, from freshwater algae extracts, natural extracts of plants and have been developed based directly from grower request.

Ferticell® started in 1983 and has developed some of the most unique, efficient fertilizers available to the ag industry. As the sole importer of Ferticell®, we have a responsibility to represent the brand to the best of our ability, bringing you the purest materials available.

Our technical product information listed on each product page will provide a scope of view over what the products are capable of, but it’s always best to speak to a Ferticell® Representative directly. Above and below each page are our organic certifications and social media links.

Get to know more about our Ferticell® Technology found in our high production organic fertilizers like Universal™, the first plant-derived organic potassium fertilizer, Pro K™ 0-0-20, or learn about our newest organic product, our newest material, registered for certified organic use via CDFA-OIM as the first-ever organically registered liquid Nitrogen over 5%, Ferticell® Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0.

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Product & Customer Stewardship

The Ferticell® team takes great pride in delivering the Ferticell® line to its distribution network and growers. We maintain a clean warehouse facility and steward our products here in Tempe, Arizona prior to each delivery.

Ferticell® liquid products are agitated thoroughly and screened prior to each shipment and every pallet is of the highest quality of dry material. Each Ferticell® pallet leaves with a secured Ferticell® branded tape or security seal to ensure the safe delivery of the high production organic fertilizer you purchase or distribute.