Explorer Liquid
Explorer Liquid
Explorer Liquid
Explorer Liquid
Microelements Fertilizer

Readily Plant-Available

Ferticell Nutri-Plus

Apply near stress events to prevent crop damage & facilitate recovery

Explorer Liquid
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Plant Derived Liquid Organic Nitrogen


To improve start & finish...Organically

Pro K

The Only Plant-Derived Organic Potassium

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The Ferticell® Line of Products

A Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Fertilizer Company

The Ferticell® brand embodies what sustainability is based on. We carry a full line of sustainable and organic fertilizers for use in commercial agriculture production. We now have over 16 fertilizers in over 43 states nationwide. Visit our trials or find a dealer with hundreds of ag retail distributor locations across the country.


By developing a product line from clean, natural non-gmo materials, we can guarantee a quality product without the chemical inputs that will degrade soil health and microbial activity.

Feed your crops a clean, organic fertilizer like Ferticell®.

Plant-Derived Products

What we’re known for is our plant-derived organic fertilizers, and for good reason. We broke open the market in 2012 with Explorer™.

Bringing the first high quality plant-derived nitrogen to market was well received and the market has expanded since.


Trusting the materials in your tank is sometimes more important than we realize.

The Ferticell® materials are great tank mix partners with minimal exceptions. It is always best to avoid blending with fungicides or copper materials, but check with your Ferticell® Rep if you have questions.

Plant Available

There is nothing more available to a plant, than plant-derived nutrients.
Without Microbial conversions in the rhizosphere, metabolic energy is saved, extrapolating yield potential. Mineral-derived materials from Ferticell® are processed at less than one micron, to ensure availability, quickly to your crop.

Approved for Organic Use

Our technical product information listed on each product page will provide a scope of view over what the products are capable of, but it’s always best to speak to a Ferticell® Representative directly. Above and below each page are our organic certifications and social media links.

Unique Organic Fertilizers

Along with our mineral-derived fertilizers, Ferticell® sells four organic fertilizers with soy protein hydrolysate, Explorer™ 16, Explorer™ Liquid 10-0-0, Nutri-Plus™ and ProCal™ .

Between the plant and mineral-derived products, we carry some of the most unique and concentrated organic fertilizers on the market.

Ferticell® Blog

Chelating Micronutrient Fertilizer

The benefits of chelated micronutrient fertilizer are vast. Get the fertilizer you need for your most successful grow from Ferticell. Browse our products now!

Soy Protein Hydrolysates

We understand how important organic growing which is why we offer different types of soy protein hydrolysates. Read our blog to learn more!

Comparing Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers; Explorer & Chilean nitrate

Several nitrogen fertilizers are available for growers who follow organic or sustainable growing methods. Here we examine the benefits of two products: Explorer plant-derived nitrogen and Chilean nitrate. Explorer 16-0-0 Explorer is a quick release organic nitrogen...

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Need information on rates for our dry organic fertilizers, or application frequencies, and timing or just need to find a local dealer? You can always use our chat feature at the bottom during regular hours or leave us a message here and one of our Ferticell® team members will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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Where to Buy

Ferticell® Distribution Network is comprised of some of the best ag retailers in the nation. We work with both national and local distributors to ensure the Ferticell® brand is well represented everywhere you grow. If you enter your zip code, the map below will show you a location near you.

Should you need a more personal touch, or if you cannot find the products near you, please give us a call. The Ferticell® team will bend over backward to ensure you get what you need. If you want to continue working with your local ag distributor and want the products there, give us a call, 480-361-1300 and we’ll see what we can do.