Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0%

Derived from: Potassium Sulfate and freshwater algae

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Due to the fact that soil, weather, and crop conditions may vary, Ferticell Inc. makes no guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied concerning the use of this product. The user of this products takes full responsibility and assumes all risks of usage or handling of this product, despite whether applications instructions were followed or not.

Algae Fertilizer

Universal™: Freshwater Algae Extract Agriculture Fertilizer

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Universal™ consists of a fully soluble, high concentration of freshwater algae that is mechanically extracted from cultured tanks at our manufacturer’s facility in Spain.

Using only our own food-grade process to generate unicellular freshwater algae and bacteria grown in-house ensures many things, most importantly is the product is never adulterated through a chemical extraction method, using potentially harmful sodium carbonates or hydroxides. These chemicals strip the algae, seaweeds, or kelp of the vital nutritional content contained in the raw materials. By taking the time to develop this organic kelp alternative with a completely contained system of manufacturing, Ferticell™ ensures a consistent product with the same nutritional value in every tank unlike outside sourced algae, kelp, or seaweed.

The nutritional values extracted promote high activity in native micro-flora populations with food sources such as carbon, and other plant beneficial materials. The plant-based beneficial materials present differ from synthetic products in that the ratios of nutrients and plant beneficial materials in a natural product are more balanced for consistent response leading Ferticell™ down the path to continue the plant-derived fertilizers like Pro K™ 0-0-20 and Explorer™ 16-0-0.

Created as the first fertilizer Ferticell™ offered, Universal™ has been used and proven in field and university trials for over 20 years as a great organic kelp alternative. With low, economical rates, our freshwater algae are unlike kelp or seaweed products by eliminating any salts from the consistent parent culture, to reduce both the salt inputs to the plant and eliminate any inconsistencies experienced in kelp and seaweed products. Culturing the organisms in freshwater is done to reduce the risk of salt burn when used in foliar applications, and to reduce the salt added to the soil from a fertility program, improving soil health in a sustainable manner.

Plant Uptake

Due to the solubility and ease of plant uptake, Universal™ can be applied in any combination or application method with most materials and is a great tank mix partner. Using Ferticell™ ICE Technology™, the assimilation of nutrients applied with Universal™ and our freshwater algae extracts is efficient and balanced. This increases nutrient uptake, stimulates new growth, and provides a vital balance of natural hormones.

Material not taken up by the plant in runoff or soil applications will greatly increase the living components of the soil. The ICE Technology again plays a role by allowing the algae cells to easily attach and be used as a food source for soil microbes and break down minerals in the soil that could be blocked or tied up for various reasons.





Algae Agriculture Fertilizer


  • Supports plants’ natural activities like flowering and fruit set
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake
  • Enhances resistance and recovery from plant stress events
  • Supports flowering and final coloring responses in many grape and berry varieties
  • Increases nutrient use efficiency and fertilizer assimilation
  • Lower salt content than seaweed or kelp products, reducing salt inputs and burn potential
  • Improved quality of fruit and vegetables through better absorption of nutrients
  • Assists in a desired flowering response when applied with Nutri-Plus™
  • Develops more homogenous fruits and reduces fruit fall
  • Foliar and soil applications with any standard equipment
  • Increased yield production at economic rates
  • Creates a balanced nutrient uptake for a healthy growth curve
  • Corrects discoloration
  • Organic kelp alternative
  • Improves nutrient conditions for better overall plant mass
  • Improves soil nutrient conditions for root growth
  • Optimizes soil nutrient conditions for seed germination
  • Increases the release of bound nutrients from the soil
  • Improve rhizobial symbiosis with plant roots
  • Supports nodulation
  • Improves inorganic nutrient and trace element availability for improved uptake
  • Optimizes soil conditions for increased plant vigor
  • Supports beneficial microbial activity and function of beneficial microbes
  • Alleviates nutrient deficiency-based plant disorders
  • Supports microbial associations with plant roots and rhizosphere
  • Provides energy for the plant to focus on physiological functions
  • Supports microbial populations
  • Helps conversion of applied nutrients to plant-available forms
  • Improves efficiency of applied fertilizers
  • Improves nutrient uptake via natural chelating or complexing agents
  • Increases plant nutrient assimilation efficiency
  • Increased tolerance to sodium (Na)
  • Optimizes nutrient use efficiency
  • Reduces lodging

Product Profile

Application Rates

Root Dip: Dilute in a 5% solution (1/2 gallon Ferticell Universal per 10 gallons of water). One week following the root dip application, apply 1/2 gallon per acre.

Container Application: 5-10 ml per 1-gallon of water

Soil Application: 1-6 quarts per acre

Foliar Application: 1-4 quarts per acre

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Color & Form

Green liquid


Compatible with most liquid fertilizers and pesticides, however, seek professional advice prior to tank mixing.

For best results include Nutri-Plus™ in the tank mix. Shake well before mixing.


Keep sealed in the original container. Store in frost-free, dry conditions out of direct sunlight, above 5°C and below 30°C. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight. 


Application timing is dependent on crop, time of the season, and desired result

How much Universal™ should I use in drip applications? (gal/acre)

Drip applications can be infrequent or just weekly applications and as little as 1/2 ounce per gallon of applied water. Crop type may increase rates slightly.

How can I get a sample of Universal™?

Send a message to, use our chat or contact form or call (480) 361-1300.

What is an appropriate Universal™ indoor rate/gal of water?

Indoor applications can be infrequent or just weekly applications and as little as 1/2 ounce per gallon of applied water. Crop type may increase rates slightly.

How much Universal™ should I use in foliar sprays? (gal/acre)

Large leaf surface areas may require the use of 1 ounce per gallon and can be applied in 7–10-day intervals.

What materials should I not blend with Universal™?

Strong acids or hydroxides in use.

What Ferticell™ products work best with Universal™?

All Ferticell™ and other products can benefit with an integration of Universal™ at very low rates and optimum frequencies as plant demands are met.

How much Universal™ should I use in Hydroponic operations?

Follow guidelines for plant nutrient requirements and add on a per gallon basis topically and not by water volume in growth tanks.

How many gallons come on a pallet?

240 gallons – 5-gal container | 180 gal – 2.5-gal container | 80, 170 & 275 gal IBC Totes

How often should I apply Universal™?

Follow nutritional program recommendations or with requirements for promoting initial flowering frequencies and weekly applications are acceptable on most plant growth characteristics.

What is the price of Universal™ per acre?

All Ferticell™ products are sold through a Ferticell Ag Retailer. For a full list and map to find
your distributor or online retailer, visit our Distributor Map.