Ferticell Hemp Program

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The products we use in the Ferticell Hemp Program, are ranged into small, economical rates for both value and economics in shipping.

Currently, the fertilizers needed for a 25-acre hemp farm will all fit on one pallet. We found more and more growers demanding a full fertilizer program for hemp. Something all encompassing of both NPK’s and micronutrients without a heavy metal toxicity that they can trust.

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PART 2 – The Truth About Ag – Hemp Style – Agri-Vlog #2

In part 2 of our second video podcast, Joe Rasnic, Midwestern Sales Representative of Ferticell® products for Ferticell® answers some more of the questions we've been getting about Hemp in regards to nutrition, water, and tissue sampling and our Ferticell® Hemp...

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Podcast: Colorado, Hemp and the Future

Joe Rasnic, Sales Representative for Ferticell® in the Midwest was recently invited to be a part of the Colorado Ag Leadership Council. The focus of CALP is to develop and enhance the leadership capabilities of diverse men and women committed to the future of...

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