“With the Calcium 880, I had an increase in fruit size and quality. our pack-outs averaged 95% on both the Tulare and Brooks varieties. The cherries were firm and ‘crunchy’ when eaten.

We survived three rains during harvest and there was no cracking. I am very happy with this product and am going to incorporate it into all of my fields.”

Mitch Sangha

Ag Telesis, Owner, Del Rey, CA

“The best way to understand the value of the products from Ferticell™ is to use the product yourself. I did. I understand. Thanks.”

Hector Mariscal

P.C.A., California

“I had doubts about the whole idea of an organic energizer, because I never want to put my reputation in jeopardy. But after a farmer showed me one of his treated strawberries I have to say, Ferticell™ Universal really works!”

Efran Celaya

P.C.A., California

“After two seasons, I am convinced of the benefits of using Ferticell™ because I’ve maintained quality and increased the yields by using this product. It’s also helped me rank as one of the top growers, two seasons in a row.”

Martin Espinoza

El Progreso Farms, Sunrise Growers, Oxnard, CA

“Your Calcium 880 made my water work better and move more freely in my soil.”

John Lasgoity

Owner, Chateau Lasgoity Winery, Madera, CA

“Since I began using the Ferticell™ program, my fields have benefited by eliminating dry calyx problems on our strawberries.”

Juan Cardenas

Big J Farms, Santa Maria, CA

“After I have used Ferticell™ products for more than 10 years on different crops, I can’t say anything else but congratulations. You have an excellent product!”

Segismundo Sanudo

C.C.A., Spain

“Ferticell has proven to be an amazing alternative to the organic line I was using. Plant health has been spectacular. Testing has improved in potency and less heavy metals in the results. Tighter nodal spacing and significant cost savings while remaining organic are just a few of the benefits of Ferticell.”

Anthony Franciosi

Honest Marijuana Co.

“It’s time to add soil amendments to my muscadines. In the process of reviewing last year’s notes, I realized you helped me last August apply Pro K and Universal to the vines. You would not believe the bumper crop I had from September to November.
Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!”
Ann F. Langley

Wine Grape Grower

“This is my second season using the products and the results are amazing! Try it!”

Jose Ramirez

Ram Ag Harvesting, Better Produce, Santa Maria, CA

“Everything (Active™ 2-20-2 & Explorer™ 16-0-0) ran great through the planter.”
Tyler Mitchell

Mitchell Farms, San Luis Valley, CO

“I have used your product, Ferticell™ Universal, on my roses for ten months and have noticed the following characteristics with my garden:

  • My roses have a large glorious bloom in all my seven varieties.
  • The application of the product is simple and the concentrate takes up very little space.
  • I have noticed no aphid or thrips infestation at this time, which is unusual for this time of the year with no insecticide placement.

Thank you for the addition of Ferticell™ Universal to my garden supplies, it has produced amazing results.”

Fred Wood

Member, Scottsdale Rose Society, Arizona

“I have been storing bell peppers that were treated with your Ferticell™ Universal product in my warehouse for over four weeks. They are still very crisp, colorful and fresh. After 10 years in the business I have never seen anything like this.”

Danny Chacara

Multi-Fresh Produce, Phoenix AZ