As an organic farmer, you know that chemical inputs in fertilizers can degrade your crop soil and disrupt microbial activity. That’s why choosing the right fertilizers is key to a successful harvest. With spring around the corner, it’s crucial to understand the various fertilizer types available and how they can help enhance your crop yield.

Today we’ll share guidelines for choosing the right fertilizer for your field.


Boost Your Yield: Tips for Choosing the Best Fertilizer

Choosing the right fertilizer for crops involves considering nutrient composition and fertilizer source. Different plants require different nutrient ratios, and organic fertilizers are more sustainable and environmentally friendly but may be less potent than synthetic fertilizers.


Here are 4 essential facts to consider when choosing the right fertilizer:

  1. Soil Testing: Conduct a soil test to determine what nutrients your soil lacks and which fertilizer can supplement it.
  1. Nutrient Ratio: Different crops require different nutrient ratios. Go for a fertilizer with the right ratio of N-P-K based on your crop’s needs.
  1. Release Time: Pick fertilizers that release nutrients over a period to avoid over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing.
  1. Application Method: Consider the application method that suits your needs, like granular or liquid fertilizers, and select the appropriate product.

Thankfully, Ferticell™ offers sustainable and organic fertilizers for commercial agricultural products made from clean, natural, and non-GMO materials. Presenting you two Ferticell™ fertilizers – Explorer-16 and Nutri-plus 2-5-0-0 – that can revolutionize your crop yield.


Explorer 1600– Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

Ferticell™ Explorer™ 16-0-0, a plant-based organic nitrogen protein fertilizer. The soy protein nitrogen component brings nutrients to plants and soil microbes, resulting in quicker and more effective absorption. Thanks to its balanced cell extract ratio, Ferticell™ Explorer™ 16-0-0 offers an efficient and effective plant response, outperforming other products in the market.

Nutri-Plus 2-5-0-0 – Amino Acid Fertilizer

Ferticell™ Nutri-Plus is an organic fertilizer that boosts crop yield, quality, and stress resistance with active algae cells and amino acids. Apply it for growth, firming, increased fruit size, frost protection, drought, disease, or pest resistance. Its assimilation by plants reduces the need for nitrogenous fertilizers.

Order The Right Fertilizer Today

Ferticell™ is committed to sustainable agriculture, restoring soil health, and developing high-quality products through leading technology. Our employees are the heart of our brand, and we maintain a strict code of ethics in all our endeavors.

If you are looking for harmless and clean protein nitrogen or amino acid fertilizer blends to protect your field and sustainably increase production, try Ferticell™ organic fertilizers. Contact us to learn more about our finest fertilizers.