Those in the agricultural industry have to be prepared for a variety of weather and environmental threats, and droughts are chief among them. Currently, the Southwestern part of the United States are experiencing above average drought and heat. When experiencing a drought, taking care of your farmland becomes difficult. Your plans will need to change when water is scarce or limited, but all too many make the mistake of drastically reducing their fertilizer rates – or not fertilizing at all.

There are a wide variety of ways you can reduce and mitigate the risk of drought damage, but using organic fertilizers is rarely talked about. In fact, conventional wisdom tells you to hold off on doing so. However, organic fertilizers like Ferticell can actually minimize the impact on crops and make your farmland more resilient. Here’s how:

Ferticell commercial organic farming fertilizer features a comprehensive nutrient formula that can be used to improve the growth of crops and protect and restore the soil environment. The formula is comprised of a variety of naturally developed raw materials like plant and proteins, natural amino acids, algae/soil extract, Auxin, Cytokinin, and more to ensure the entire Ferticell product line can be used on different crop growth stages.

Our organic fertilizers stimulate plant systems, which results in more root mass, earlier maturation, more flowers and fruit, and increased leaf area. The soil structure and its ability to hold both water and nutrients are improved as well. These effects can be invaluable when experiencing a drought, as the improved soil environment is able to hold water longer, and the stronger crops are made more resilient against a variety of environmental factors.

While organic fertilizer can help your plants and soil during a drought, you shouldn’t settle for just any organic fertilizer. Plants experience a lot of stress during droughts, so you should look for a product that has been specially formulated to promote healthy growth even during stressful times, like our Explorer 16-0-0 Plant Derived Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer. Incorporating this fertilizer is the safest way to continue healthy growth during stressful periods of time for crops. Learn more today!